I have a pending charge on my account, but my order failed

The line item you’re seeing on your statement is simply a pre-authorization. Most online payment processing gateways will pre-authorize a card while checkout is being completed. Since your order was not completed or processed, the funds were never captured, and the pre-authorization should disappear from your bank statement in 2-3 business days.

Does NineX19 offer a military or law enforcement discount?

NineX19 proudly supports our military service members, veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders. To show our gratitude, we offer all current and prior service members, law enforcement officers, and first responders an exclusive discount on NineX19 products.

If you are an active duty or retired military service member, law enforcement professional, or first responder and you wish to take part in our discount program, please register for an account and then fill out the form on this page. You will need to provide an active professional email address (eg: .mil, .gov, etc) and submit a scanned copy of your drivers license or state-issued photo ID. (NOTE: If you already have an account on our website, please be sure the email matches the one you include in the form below.)

Retired or honorably discharged military veterans may use a personal email address along with a scanned copy of a DD-214 form and a photo ID. (NOTE: You may redact any personal information that you wish on your DD-214, but please leave your name and dates of service visible.)

Once your credentials have been verified, you will receive a follow-up email with confirmation that your account has been upgraded to reflect your discounted pricing.

We thank you for everything that you do for our country and our communities and we look forward to getting you outfitted with some premium components from NineX19.

Can you do a custom colored barrel or slide for me?

Unfortunately we cannot at this time. Focusing on a core amount of color options lets us keep the deep catalog of components we have in stock to the best of our abilities. As you can imagine this can get complicated with all the stages of machining, quality control, coating, and packaging. The nitriding process requires large batches for completion which is why we don’t do limited runs.

When is (product) going to be back in stock?

Our production and manufacturing team works extremely hard to keep your favorite products stocked and available for purchase, but the reality is that sometimes the demand outpaces the supply. With over 250+ SKU’s to manage, we are constantly shifting and shuffling the production queue to keep up with the sales. In order to make things easier, we provide a handy-dandy “In-Stock Notification” feature for every single SKU that is not currently available. We kindly a̶s̶k̶ beg that you utilize this function and refrain from emailing to ask about an ETA or a re-stock date. In most cases, we simply can’t provide an answer due to constantly-cycling production priorities, fluctuating lead times from suppliers and finishing vendors, and processing/packaging times.