SIG P320C / X-Carry Match Barrel


Precision match barrel for SIG P320C compact and some X-Carry models (See description for details). Also compatible with most SIG 320 builder platforms such as Polymer 80 and more.

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NineX19 Match Barrels have been painstakingly designed to satisfy even the most discerning shooters and are ideal for everything from top-level competition use to everyday carry. Precision machining and rigorous QC ensures that every barrel conforms to the tightest possible tolerances and will perform even under the most grueling conditions. Rifled in a 1:10 twist rate, these barrels are optimized for most common bullet weights and are designed to properly stabilize everything from a standard 115gr range ammo up through 147gr for defensive applications and competition.

X-Carry Compatibility

Our P320C / X-Carry barrels fit some X-Carry models, but not all. There was a minor design update made to the X-Carry slide and barrel part of the way through the product life cycle. Our barrels are a direct drop-in fit for the later/current production models, but not the earlier versions. The easiest way to tell which version of X-Carry you have is to look at the bottom of the slide just to the rear of the chamber opening. If there is a “1756” stamped on the inside of your slide, then you have an earlier production version and our barrel will not be compatible. If your slide does not say “1756”, then you have a current production version and our 320C barrel should be a clean fit.

A “1756” stamp denotes an earlier production version. This barrel will NOT fit in an X-Carry slide with this stamp.

Please note that NineX19 does NOT guarantee fitment for anything other than the original P320C. Please do your homework prior to ordering this barrel for your X-Carry as we can not accept returns on barrels that have been opened and installed in a firearm.
Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 1 in

Stainless Steel, Black Nitride, Gold Nitride

2 reviews for SIG P320C / X-Carry Match Barrel

  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Purchased this barrel for my Sig Custom FCU build and the barrel did not disappoint from quality to fit & finish! Tolerance, fit and performance was superb right out of the package, highly recommend! The build and barrel were featured on Sig Sauer’s Instagram page-check it out here:

  2. Manny Raposo

    For the price this barrel is incredible the fit finish and look is incredible. Took out out to the range because that is the true test of a barrel and it did not disappoint. The words match grade are right on point with this barrel. Would highly recommend this barrel to anyone looking to upgrade.

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