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Glock Sights

Glock fans can be pretty vocal. Maybe you’ve even heard the quip, “the worst Glock ever is the one you don’t own.” Such reflects the vim and vigor of the brand loyalists.

To be fair, Glocks are incredibly simplistic, reliable, lightweight, and durable handguns, overall, with great capacities. But are they perfect? Certainly not.

One common – albeit somewhat minor – complaint about Glock handguns has to do with the stock sights.

Nothing is wrong with stock Glock sights. Just one thing: they’re made of plastic. (Some other owners don’t like the sight picture, but that’s a topic for another time.)

So, plastic Glock sights. What’s the deal? For one, they’re not as durable as their CNC-machined aftermarket counterparts. A hard bump to a stock Glock sight can throw off the alignment or deform the sights. A particularly jarring knock might even break them.

Now, to be fair, most of the time that wouldn’t cause a serious issue, but it is worth a callout. At the same time, the stock sights are fairly cheap (for lack of a better term). CNC-machined, steel aftermarket Glock sights like ours are just tougher. It’s basically impossible to break them. In terms of downright durability, they’re better.

Our CNC-machined sights are also QPQ-nitrided (a process whereby they are nitrided initially, then polished and re-treated) which makes them not only tougher than plastic Glock sights but more aesthetically appealing, while offering far superior resistance (than some other metal aftermarket sights) to corrosion, abrasion, and wear.

To get back to the matter of other aftermarket sights for Glock pistols (most of which are also made from steel and therefore more durable than the stock plastic) ours are, overwhelmingly, offered at a much more competitive, much more attractive price.

Another thing that makes these categorically superior to stock Glock sights is that they are easier and more practical to install and adjust.

You have two basic ways to install Glock sights: with a sight installation tool (which can be quite expensive) or using a less conventional (but still effective) method using a vice and a punch.

Basically, you clamp your slide in a vice, use an appropriately-sized punch to drive out the stock sights, then tap the news ones in with the same tool. Our replacement sights have a special pocket for a punch, making it easier to drive them in. there’s less of a risk that the punch will walk or slip off the sights, marring them (or your Glock slide). They also feature locking set screws.

These sights are offered in two configurations: fiber-optic sights and night sights. The fiber optic sights (which give you the flexibility to effortlessly change out the sight dot, red or green) offer a solid, high-visibility dot which is perfect not only in low-light conditions but in bright light conditions, making it suitable both indoors and outdoors in bright sunlight.

Glock’s sights do feature high-contrast white points/markings, which are good – but not better – than our fiber optic aftermarket replacements.

The other configuration we offer are Glock night sights, which, if you’ve never used them, are powered by tritium-filled vials. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that (to keep it basic) has more particles in the nucleus than “regular” hydrogen. As it decays, it glows in the dark.

Why this matters to you is that these night sights do not require any supplementary power to work. They will glow in the dark just about as bright as the day you get them for nearly 12 years (that’s the half-life of tritium) and will continue glowing brightly long after that.

It’s also worth a note here that we have a really good relationship with the manufacturers that produce these tritium vials, and as a result we’ve been able to pass along very competitive prices to our customers. We don’t make the only Glock night sights on the market – you can compare to Trijicon, TruGlo, Night Fision, and others – but our positioning and pricing speak for themselves.

The use of tritium to power these night sights also means there are no batteries that can die – which can happen with certain optics like red dot sights. Speaking of red dot sights, here’s another advantage of these Glock sights: they’re available in two heights, both of which are perfect to serve as co-witness when shooting with slide-mounted optics.

One is our mid-height option, which is optimized for middle-of-window co-witness with most slide-mounted optics, and our tall-height, which is perfect for running with a suppressor, as well as to serve as a lower-third co-witness for most slide-mounted optics. Filling the role of co-witness allows these sights to serve as a backup to your optics, as a second point of aim.

That’s another thing: both our Vapor and X1 slides for Glock pistols are “combat cut” making them ready to accept red dot sights with an RMR-pattern footprint, so you can easily add both of these (sights and an RDS) to Glock pistols upgraded with our slides.

In a nutshell: more durable construction from steel, sight dot configurability, easier and more practical installation and adjustment, competitive pricing, and two height patterns, both of which can serve as co-witness to an RDS. These are just some of the things that make our sights better than stock Glock sights.

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