Optimizing Your Defensive Glock

Defensive Glock

Handguns have long been the number one option for defensive and duty applications, they are easier to carry, handle, and even conceal than their larger counterparts in rifles and shotguns. Glock pistols are among the most popular across the United States, but, there are ways to extract even more performance from your Glock platform and give you an edge in whatever situation you may find yourself in, be it at the range, on duty, or in a defensive application

On that note, specifically, there are things you can do to optimize your Glock for defensive situations. These are some top pointers.

Ported Barrel & Slide

In defensive and duty applications, getting on target fast and staying on target for the duration of the engagement are the two top priorities. NineX19 has the perfect solution in our NineX19 Vapor Ported Barrel and Slide combo. The Ported barrel and matching slide vent gasses at 45 degrees up and away from your sight picture.

This reduces recoil while not obscuring your sight picture with vented gasses from each round discharge. All our slides are cut with an RMR footprint allowing you to to add a number of red dot sights to aid in target acquisition. We cut the irons dovetail in front of the optic cut to allow your sights to be visible through your optic. See more about our Glock night sights below.

All our slides are also cut with serrations and checkering to aid in weapon manipulation in defensive situations. If you were to have a malfunction, being able to get a strong purchase on your Glock slide to clear the malfunction could save crucial seconds.

Glock Night Sights

While there are certainly numerous advantages to outfitting your Glock with a WML (see below) there are also advantages, in some scenarios, to not using it.

For one, a weapon-mounted light will betray your position. That’s why many are pressure activated, so you can kill the light immediately.

For another, while a light will illuminate the target (improving your sight picture), the glare can potentially confound your sight alignment (assuming you aren’t shooting over a red dot or a reflex sight).

In these scenarios, Glock night sights actually offer an edge. They preserve discretion and can substantially improve your accuracy when shooting in the dark.

What’s more, night sights don’t require power to operate – unlike battery-powered red dot sights. Instead, they use tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that releases light as it decays. That is, they glow in the dark.

They never require batteries, and tritium has a half life of more than 12 years – which means for more than 10 years, your night sights will still be glowing brightly in the dark. Realistically, they last a lifetime.

Moreover, our Glock night sights are CNC machined from steel, treated with a hard, corrosion-resistant QPQ nitride finish, and are easy to install and adjust on most double stack Glock pistols, including the G17, G19, and G34.

On top of that, these night sights have a QOL design feature, with a machined pocket to keep a punch in place so you don’t damage the slide or sights while driving them into position.

(By the way, if you upgrade with one of our Glock slides as well, all of our slides are cut for RMR-pattern optics, and our sights are designed with the intention of serving as a backup, which is why they are available in two heights. This makes it possible for you to utilize your sights as a co-witness to your red dot sight, if you mount one.)

A Compensator

While a compensator is not an absolute necessity for a defensive handgun, a quality compensator has quite a use case.

Namely, a compensator can slash felt recoil by as much as 50% or more, without adversely affecting shot power. That can make quite a difference when you’re shooting hot defensive and +P loads.

Critically, this reduction in felt recoil also counteracts muzzle flip – the effect of which is that you can keep your sights trained on target so you can make faster, more accurate follow up shots in situations in which milliseconds literally count.

In fact, some compensators are specifically designed to port gasses upwards at the muzzle, which directly pushes the muzzle down, cutting muzzle flip by as much as 40%.

We sell both compensators and threaded Glock barrels (to which compensators can easily be attached) for select pistols. Our compensators represent a partnership with Herrington Arms and offer top-tier performance. These Glock compensators are extremely reliable, machined from high-quality, lightweight and strong 6061 anodized aluminum, and can reduce felt recoil by 40% if not more.

Check out our offerings via the previous links and contact us directly if you have additional questions.

A Weapon-Mounted Light

Have you ever heard the expression, “you can’t hit what you can’t see?” Well, that’s why weapon mounted lights are becoming so popular among people who carry a concealed weapon.

Target Identification is the first part of any defensive engagement. A weapon-mounted (WML) light can be indispensable for that.

All Glocks from Gen 3 and newer have a rail built into the frame to mount a light on. This makes mounting most popular WMLs, like popular models from Streamlight and SureFire, Cloud Defensive, Holosun and more a 5 minute job.

Optimize Your Defensive Glock with a Little Help from NineX19

While these are some legitimate and highly practical accessories you can use to optimize your Glock for night-time home defense, it’s only the start of customizing the perfect handgun.

Take a look through our collection of Glock pistol accessories and bookmark our blog so you never miss our helpful tips and insight.

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